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Contracting for RPA – The opportunities and pitfalls
by partners Mike Pierides and Simon Lightman at global law firm, Morgan Lewis
Robotic process automation (RPA) is at a pivotal moment, firmly hitting the mainstream when it comes to digital transformation and more traditional BPO procurements.

Three reasons to back blockchain as a digital disruptor to the supply chain
by Eleanor Matthews, founder of WorkFutures
Blockchain has the potential to have a huge impact on procurement and sourcing. Currently, it’s early days, a bit like the initial stages of the dotcom boom – lots of companies are launching and some are failing.

Talent analytics key to building efficient workforces
by Alexander Mann Solutions
Organisations must harness the power of talent analytics to build truly efficient workforces – or risk falling behind competitors which do. That is the advice from global talent acquisition and management specialist, Alexander Mann Solutions.

Is Your Technology Stopping you from Building a Winning Bid Team?
by Morten Brøgger, CEO, Huddle
The moment a relevant RFP or invitation to tender (ITT) document arrives in your inbox, you need to act fast. Unfortunately, the bidding process is complex and resource-heavy. Large bid management situations can involve dozens of people across the business. With multi-million-pound tenders and lucrative multi-year contracts in the balance, teams must be able to access bid documents and information at anytime, anywhere. But as many service providers have seen all too frequently, the major road block to this is legacy collaboration technology.

Will Test Automation lead to job losses?
by Manish Gupta, CEO TestingXperts
As we stand on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution in the modern history of mankind, a philosophical question comes to everyone's mind, what will happen to jobs in the new age of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the Internet of Things?

The C-suite must wake up to learning and development
by Rachel Kuftinoff, learning consultancy director at KnowledgePool, Part of Capita Learning Services
Thousands of new graduates have just entered the workforce at this time of year, and the skills gap remains a huge problem. So why is the C-suite still not utilising learning and development options?

5 considerations when selecting an outsourced customer service provider
by Dino Forte, Managing director and founder of outsourced, omni-channel, customer contact centre, Ventrica
Dino Forte, Managing director and founder of outsourced, omni-channel, customer contact centre, Ventrica provides some pointers on how to find the right partner for customer service.

Future trends of procurement every customer-centric industry should know
by Shruti Agrawal, Director, Excella Worldwide
As organisations focus on finding ways to procure the best products within their budget, supply chain comes to the forefront as a strategic resource that drives business value. But adapting to every emerging trend for achieving the best results can become cataclysmic if you fail to get your fundamentals right. The procurement technology...

Efficiently managing transport tenders
by Phil Lavin, Sales Manager, AEB (International)
When businesses opt to outsource part of their transport logistics, making it happen can be daunting. Potential pitfalls range from compliance and auditing requirements to the challenge of finding the right partner. When does it make sense – or not – to call for tenders? How can efficiency and transparency be achieved? And are there alternatives to spreadsheets?

How will Sainsbury’s and Argos reconcile their sourcing differences?
by Eleanor Winn, Managing Director, Alsbridge
As the Sainsbury’s / Argos deal nears possible completion, Eleanor Winn, managing director of outsourcing specialists Alsbridge looks at how two distinct strategies and sourcing arrangements can co-exist and where this ultimately leaves the benefits of an acquisition.

The “Fast” Side of Bi-Modal IT: An Opportunity for Service Providers
by Steve Jeffree, Managing Director, Alsbridge
The managing director of Alsbridge, the global sourcing advisory and consultancy firm, advises on how CIOs can work with service providers to transform IT delivery.

Suppliers must readily support the long-term vision of buyers
by Nigel Crunden, Business Specialist, Office Depot
A survey of 300 business and logistics experts by software provider AEB and the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) University in Germany has found that although many firms collaborate closely with their suppliers, the majority are failing to capitalise on the significant opportunities this creates...

Global Trade Management: What are the key trends in 2016?
by Phil Lavin, Sales Manager, AEB (International)
In today’s fast moving world, short delivery times are a vital competitive advantage, but also a challenge. That’s the conclusion of the Global Trade Management Agenda 2016, a study that assesses key trends in global trade and logistics. In addition, the study also looked at the issue of collaboration in the supply chain, with interesting findings on success factors, challenges, and the status quo.

Artificial intelligence and robotics: Separating reality from the hype
by Andrew Burgess, Consulting Director, Symphony Ventures
By now, almost everybody is familiar with the two most prominent technologies expected to be game-changing to outsourcing: robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. However, with all of the excitement surrounding these innovations, it's easy to get caught up in the hype and led away from the truth. Here Andrew Burgess, NOA Council member and automation expert, separates the wheat from the chaff, and explains what we can really expect from RPA and AI in the coming decades.

The Future of Cognitive Robotic Process Automation
by Arun Kumar Melkote, Global Head of Strategy, Change Initiatives and Marketing, Testing Services, Wipro Ltd
What do you get when you combine robotic process automation (RPA), data science and cognitive methods? That's where cognitive robotic automation (CRPA) comes into play, with the potential to revolutionise testing and other services across a whole host of industries. Here Arun Kumar Melkote from Wipro explains the exciting impact CRPA could have in the future.

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