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Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach to IT
by Nigel Crockford, Business Development Manager, eSpida


Are we finally closing the gender pay gap?
by Alexandra Dalton, Mediaworks


Polish-Ukrainian outsourcing strengthens bonds
Optimism was high at the 2nd Polish-Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum in Rzeszow, Poland.

Are software testers the dinosaurs of tomorrow?
by Manish Gupta, CEO, TestingXperts


How contractors should respond to the Carillion collapse
by Michael Gallucci
Michael Gallucci, managing director of construction consultancy MPG, advises firms affected by the collapse of Carillion how to respond.

An injection of optimism for the Indian economy and the BPO sector
by Bhupender Singh, CEO, Intelenet Global Services


Talent - the unsung hero of an outsourcing provider’s compliance woes
by Luke Kingston, Origination Director, Lyceum Capital


Lisbon - The Crown Jewel of Portugal
by Lisbon Nearshore
In between Europe and The Americas, Portugal stands to capture the new wave of tech innovation investments. After being hard hit by the 2008's global financial crisis, the country is showing promising growth signs. At the forefront of the recovery is the Portuguese IT industry, which is gathering the attention of tech companies, multinationals and VC firms.

Sourcing in Europe
by James Tate, Editor of
One of the key decisions in any sourcing strategy is the delivery destination. Choosing the right location for your operations can be the difference between success and failure. As part of a mini-series of articles, we will be investigating some of the key destinations for sourcing operations across the globe, highlighting some of the best and most reliable markets for delivery. We will start close to home, by looking at the major destinations for outsourcing in Europe.

Deconstructing Strategic Sourcing.  Core Elements for Consideration.
by By Bartek Skalski of Soitron Poland
The very concept of outsourcing has changed massively over the past 20 years, and during this time it has become more complex and sophisticated. In practice, it should be more aligned to optimising operations. While outsourcing is a general catch-all phrase, in reality there is a great difference between simplistic approach and more thought-through strategy.

Poland: Now One of Europe’s Hottest Outsourcing Destinations
by Tomas Turkovic, Head of Outsourcing, Soitron and Bartosz Skalski, Head of Soitron Poland
While most European countries were experiencing a severe “credit crunch”, Poland was quietly building its infrastructure and reputation in outsourcing. According to AT Kearney, it’s now the most attractive destination in Europe.

The Fundermentals of Sourcing with David Rickard of Microsoft
by David Rickard, Microsoft Procurement
David Rickard, Director of Microsoft Procurement discusses with us the fundamentals of sourcing before speaking at the GSA Symposium this June.

Sourcing Trends with Avinash Vashistha
by Avinash Vashistha, Tholons
Avinash Vashistha of Tholons talks to Sourcingfocus about the trends affecting the sourcing industry.

The Fundamentals of Sourcing in the Digital Age
by Lyubomira Mihaylova, ScaleFocus UK
Lyubomira Mihaylova of ScaleFocus UK talks to Sourcingfocus about the fundamentals of sourcing and adapting to the digital age.

Growth on the Banks of the Nile - Outsourcing in Egypt
by James Tate,
The Egyptian ICT industry has remained resilient throughout the past five years, overcoming the political uncertainty that spread across the region in 2011 thanks in part to its infrastructure, pool of talented young workers and its proximity to the lucrative European market. The Egyptian government has realised the potential for continued growth in the sector with its Egypt ICT 2030 strategy supporting the industry and making clear to international markets the commitment that the Egyptian government can offer the sector.

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